Why Choose Us

1. Patient comfort:

We at SK SMILE DENTAL CLINIC understand how uneasy most patients feel about their dental visits. So we try and make these visits and relaxing and comfortable as we can. For that, we have a nice relaxing waiting area, a multi-chair practice (of 4 dental chairs) which helps reduce the waiting time considerably. Comfortable dental chairs improve your dental visit, whether you are in for a cleaning or an extensive procedure. 

Our investment in your care provides a better overall experience. We are constantly on the quest for new, innovative ways to enhance our patients’ experience.

2. Team of doctors:

Remember the old saying, “Two heads are better than one?” The sentiment is true for more than brainstorming. We have a team of trained doctors. Having a great team of dentists means more coverage, longer hours and better support. Most Airoli dental practices have just one dentist. With a team of dentists at the same location, SK SMILE DENTAL CLINIC can offer a host of extra benefits for you. Consider the advantages:

  • Because there is a team of dentists, SK Smile Dental Clinic can see more patients in a day.
  • By sharing facilities and equipment, we save money, which we pass along to our patients, by the way of reducing charges.
  • SK Smile Dental Clinic Airoli can offer a complete range of services since our dentists’ skills complement each other.
  • The dentists can cover for one another if one is sick or called away and you won’t be left waiting.

And when it comes to service, our entire team of dentists are on the same page regarding their philosophy and dedication to dentistry. We want to provide you with the best possible dental care. As a result, there’s never a conflict between “What I would do” versus “What you would do.” Instead, the conversation focuses on “What’s best for the patient.” 

The dentists meet daily to discuss issues that pertain to the practice. They keep each other up-to-date and rely on each other. In addition, they do their own research and keep themselves updated on the latest developments in oral care. The practice benefits from having such committed dentists, and you get the best care.

3. Open 7 Days A Week – Open On Sundays

Tooth pain has no day-offs then why should we who help create better smiles do. SK Smile Dental Clinic is open even on Sundays. There are a lot of people who work very hard the entire week to make others including their family smile. We take care of their smiles on Sundays.

4. Entire Family Treatment Under One Roof

All the latest dental treatments are available at SK Smile Dental Clinic. The entire family can get treated here and need not look outside for any pending dental treatments. The in-house team of doctors are trained to provide most of the care themselves. For those requiring specialist attention, SK Smile Dental Clinic has a list of highly reputed dental consultants who are available on call based on the timings preferred by the patients.

5. Safety Protocol

Your safety is our topmost priority.

To protect our patients, we follow strict sterilization processes and prevent cross-contamination using universally accepted standards of hygiene and sterilization at every step of the treatment. This involves sterilization of all instruments and using disposable gloves, masks and suction tips. Equipment used during treatment undergoes a systematic cleansing/sterilization cycle after each use.

6. Transparency about Treatment Options and Pricing

In, SK Smile Dental Clinic we believe an informed patient is the best patient. So we explain our patients the complete facts about all treatment options and help them decide what is best for them. When explaining your treatment plan we explain all the options available, along with the pros and cons of each one of them.

In SK Smile Dental Clinic extensive use of instructional videos, models, and charts form an integral part of patient education. We are completely transparent regarding all the expenses involved in your dental treatment options as we are with our treatment plans. We have various flexible options to help you pay for the treatment.

7. High-Grade Material

All of the treatment that we carry out is provided to the highest of standards, using the best quality materials. We absolutely do not compromise on the standard of our materials. We apply the most up-to-date techniques and materials and are supported by quality-driven dental laboratories.

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